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Group Three Islands Elafiti Tours

Best group boat tours in Dubrovnik

Three Islands Tour With Food&Drinks

Group Three Islands Elafiti Tours

In the meantime the three islands Elaphite cruise takes you on a full-day tour where You will visit the three most stunning islands in the archipelago – Koločep, Šipan, and Lopud so you may want to discover historic sites, unspoiled nature, and the spirit of the historic times which the islands are full of first-hand but You can also just enjoy a day out on the boat.

  • Lunch: as can be seen You can choose in advance from a fish, chicken, vegetarian meal ( please use online booking)
  • Drinks (welcome drink, non-alcoholic beverages, wine) and consumption of drinks is not limited during the tour


In a reality, the island group includes eight islands and five islets. As a result, only three are inhabited: Koločep, Lopud, and Šipan.
As the Island of Koločep is the one closest to Dubrovnik and the settlements Gornje Čelo and Donje Čelo are situated in the two largest bays as a result the eastern and western parts of the island are covered with thick pine woods stretching as far as the sea rocks. So crystal azure sea abounds with fish and shellfish, therefore the dwellers of Koločep used to be the best-known coral divers in the Mediterranean, but today they seldom dive only for pleasure.
In a word, numerous monuments, including the remains of sarcophaguses, stone sculptures, chapels, and churches, show that the island was inhabited in antiquity.
In other words, the first encounter with Kalamota, as the people of Dubrovnik nick-name the Island of Koločep, in reality, will not leave you indifferent. It is important to realize you will be intoxicated by its deafening silence, so the scent of the Mediterranean herbs and pines, and the blueness of the sea that washes its sandy beaches.


Therefore the one standing in the middle is the island of Lopud, which abounds with beautiful sandy beaches. As a result, the boat will take you to the settlement of the same name, in that case, you can walk to the unique sandy Bay of Šunj on the opposite side of the island. So Šunj is a well-known sandy beach, of which one part is reserved for naturists. In that case, nature is not the only one who was generous to Lopud. The island also abounds with forts, little churches, summer residences, and monasteries housing valuable works of art.
Equally important to realize is, so You do not miss the easy early evening walk to Cape Benešin while the sun goes down into the sea, and visit the unique light installation, the art pavilion Your Black Horizon (, As a result, set in the rich renaissance environment of Lopud and preserved nature, in other words, it gives the landscape a new meaning.


Even though the biggest and most inhabited, the Island of Šipan has a large number of vineyards and olive groves. Furthermore, the two biggest settlements are Šipanska Luka and Suđurađ. The equally important inner side of the island abounds with shelters and natural anchorages of immense beauty, where the branches of pine trees reach the surface of the sea.
As a result in this small area, there is a huge number of monuments, so more than thirty churches, several monasteries, and about sixty summer residences in gothic-renaissance style.
Furthermore, island dwellers are well-known for their hospitality and they will be happy to take you fishing but also into the field and will offer you healthy food and excellent wines from their fruit-bearing vineyards.


GRATIS: FREE Mini-van transfer from your accommodation to boat and return transfer to your accommodation is available as a result of online bookings for the town of Dubrovnik only, but NOT FOR Cavtat, Plat, Mlini, and Srebreno area.

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Best group boat tours in Dubrovnik

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