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M/B Kupinova Dubrovnik

M/B Kupinova : Large wooden ship suitable for one day excursions

The three islands Elaphite cruise takes you on a full day excursion to visit the three most beautiful islands in the archipelago – Koločep, Šipan and Lopud so you could explore historical sites, unspoiled nature and the spirit of the old times which the islands are full of first-hand.

You will cruise aboard our spacious traditional wooden ship Kupinova which is among the biggest which visit the islands and are equipped with onboard toilets, kitchen, dining area and panoramic sun decks. Stop is organized on each island (Koločep around 1 hour, Šipan 45 minutes, Lopud 2:30 hours) with plenty of time for sightseeing, exploring local sights, sunbathing and swimming.

Price includes lunch with wine and refreshments during the whole trip, without limitations.

You can also choose between three options for the lunch: fish or chicken from the grill served with salad and vegetarian meal comprising of various vegetables from the grill.

LUNCH OPTIONS: Fish, Chicken, Vegetarian



Hop on and explore with us.

 If you have special wishes, talk to your skipper and make an agreement on how will your itinerary look like…

Upon arrival, skipper will brief you with detail instructions, informations and safety advices.

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