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Gulet Aborda Croatia

GULET Aborda : Elegant Boat

We have tried in almost all branches of tourism, but the ship Aborda would stand out the most. The project, which from the very beginning, has today achieved great success and popularity on the Adriatic. The formula for such success and progress lies precisely in that harmony and togetherness that have accompanied us for 20 years. The ship Aborda was built in 1989, and the idea of buying the ship in 2002 was inspired by the story of the maritime tradition of Račišće, where our family comes from. Shortly after arriving in Croatia, the ship gets its first crew based on family members and begins cruising for tourist purposes. With great effort and commitment with constant improvements of the ship, there is a complete reconstruction and upgrade during 2016 in order to ensure a more pleasant stay of guests as well as raising the quality and professional crew. A lot of effort has been invested to result in a big and sincere smile today, both for our crew and guests. Aborda is made of very high quality mahogany, and by maintaining it every season, the quality and appearance of the boat is preserved.



Hop on and explore with us.

 If you have special wishes, talk to your skipper and make an agreement on how will your itinerary look like…

Upon arrival, skipper will brief you with detail instructions, informations and safety advices.

Gulet Aborda

So far Aborda has won the hearts of many foreign tourists because it provides a special experience of getting to know the Adriatic and all its beauties and charms. It will surely enrich you for a completely new experience of getting to know Croatia and its culinary delicacies. The ship Aborda is very famous on the Adriatic for its gastronomic offer. Just by the fact that we are largely engaged in catering, we strived to make the gastronomic offer on the ship special and different from the others. We offer many Dalmatian dishes in many ways. Our chef has been awarded many times at culinary competitions and we have been known to tourists for years because of that. Cruising with Aborda provides a special experience of visiting places and islands in the Adriatic thanks to our long maritime tradition. Our trips are based on the wishes of travelers whom we allow to visit the islands of untouched nature and beauty. There are 4 crew members on board who are available to guests at all times. A long-standing crew that we already largely consider as part of the family. They are very experienced in what they do and are always ready to help in any situation. Together with our crew, we have provided guests with many cruise programs for a complete experience of Croatia. In addition to unforgettable entertainment that we provide on board with all the necessary equipment for the sea, you can visit famous wineries, wine tastings in the same, lavender and olive fields, rural households and tasting various indigenous delicacies.

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